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 Reachin Pichin

Pichin was created in an experiment to fly far far away, but after created Pichin can’t jump 1 cm, she can’t manage a simple jump. And Professor left it in disappointment. Pichin wants to to prove that she is capable. The laboratory assistant helped Pichin to fly.
The game starts in the laboratory, in the underground where Pichin stays with Professor and the Assistant. You just need to click in “Fly“.
Note: this is a platform game that is played by people who don’t like platform games, because the game is “ridiculous cute” as stated from some players.

At the beginning, the game seems to be very simple but it is not total true, you will need to fly some times to get money and skills. Money will permits you to buy research and to increase Pichin skills.

Pichin music is also very very addictive, you will probably start singing Pichin song in everywhere (including bath and public sites), we are advising, it happened with some people ;). And also Pichin is a very funny character.

How to reach the last level

To reach the last level, player have to unlock all the features and to have good skills to fly. At first time we see the game, it seems to be very simple, but we quickly understand that the game was well designed in terms of difficulty and levels. The fact of being necessary to unlock all features and at the same time, being necessary to play some times to get the necessary points, brings to the player a natural evolution, necessary to reach the last level. In the end of the game a animation is presented in form of conclusion about all the game story.

This game is just perfect for who wants to relax and for children, since in the game there are no enemies, player just need to get off some obstacles which would slow down Pichin “jumping/flying” velocity (that’s right, in this game gravity is not the only “enemy”).

The evolution: Pichin starts “neutral” and has 3 levels of evolution, which correspond to different levels of skills ans aspect (plant, beast and metal).

Watch Reachin Pichin ending

You can also see someone who reached the end of the game (after unlocked all the features) – maybe the perfect time to watch this video would be after playing a couple of times (remember to play this game, you can do it for free, by clicking “Play Game” at the top right of this page). Game instructions and screenshots are  in the following.

Game Instructions: Only use the mouse to turn right / left. After pressing the big “FLY” button, that you will see in the main screen of the game, Pichin will follow your mouse and you will just need to put her jumping between platforms and catching the money and the skills. Also remember that, as player, you have active and passive skills. The passive skills are applied by itself. Active skills need to be activated by mouse clicking.

Play Reachin Pichin online for free with us.

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