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WhatsApp is an application for Android / iOS that permits to talk with with your friends worldwide (via text messaging also) for free. The application is one of the most popular for communication / messaging niche.

Today, we are explaining how to run / install WhatsApp on your computer. WhatsApp for PC is a great mean for communication. You will read a lot of stuff on internet, but following this way yo will do it successfully and you will be able to run other applications on your PC.

Actually, you can run WhatsApp from: smarthpone, Windows, Android, Ovi and Blackberry. The way we will explain here will allow you to run WhatsApp from your personal computer / laptop (running windows or mac) like you were running it on an Android device for example.

WhatsApp for PC

Install WhatsApp for PC on your computer

The method that we will present next, will permits you to install any android application on your computer. For that case, all the information will be provided to install WhatsApp on PC. This is the main example but you can extend the information to install in other devices.

WhatsApp for PC – the APK file

To run the same version you are running on Android, you need to find a WhatsApp APK. You have a lot of apk files on the Internet, but we recommend you to download the apk file, directly from WhatsApp official website. Check how to download the apk file directly here. After installing this program you only need to run the program and put the WhatsApp apk file in the correct directory.

Install WhatsApp for PC

After having the APK file stored on your computer, you just need to install an Android Emulator like this. You have a couple of programs like this. Some are free other not, and you have this kind of emulator for Windows and MAC. Please note that, the Android SDK includes an android emulator. The problem is that this sdk is used by developers and it consumes both cpu, memory and disk space. So, we recommend you to install other “lightweight” emulator like YouWave.

Some notes about WhatsApp installation on Android

Whatsapp will not run on tables, you need to run Android 2.1 or higher. It is also recommended to have an unlimited plan for data transfer since this application will consume a lot of data.

Some users had installed WhatsApp on limited data transfer packages and had a surprise on invoices because this applciation will consume some bandwidth.

Important note: when you install the app you will be prompted for verification. The verification can be done both by SMS or Voice. We recommend you to select voice verification, that will automatically happens if the SMS verification fails. Using the voice verification, you will a voice a tricky step by connecting by telent that we will present other time.