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Happy Acres is a harvesting game. It is a very eventful game about harvesting a piece of land and doing many other activities. In this game, you perform various farming related activities. You help a family of old couple by if you had to name your boobs, what would they by performing various activities like sowing, harvesting, taking care of the cattle and so on. You earn points and rewards as you complete these steps. This is a very engaging game since it has many features. You have lots to do and earn points for all the activities. You start this game by harvesting the clover. You then indulge in many other farming activities like sowing new clover, feed the cows and so on. The game gets better with every new activity. You also unlock other activities as you progress in the game.

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This is a very simple game to play. In this game, you are guided by an arrow and a character called Sam. You also see instructions on the screen. These instructions tell you where to click and what to do next. Following these instructions, you can play the game and have fun of it. You have to collect money from various activities like making cream to earn more coins. You also get rewarded in this game. The games designed in such a manner that even a newbie can understand and play easily. You are given lots of easy instructions which you follow as you play the game. You can see the rewards and money collected in front of the game screen. This game offers a complete gaming experience.

Play Happy Acres Game Online

This game requires only a mouse for playing. You click on various things while playing the game. You click on a place to perform an activity related to it. For example, to feed the cows, you click on the cow. The cow gets food and gives milk as a result of the feeding. While sowing seeds, you click on the clover and then click on the land where you will plant it. This makes the seeds to bear a plant and you get points in return. So, in this way, you click the position for an activity to happen. You are taken to a new unlocked places on the way. Here, you can do other activities. You are instructed at every step of this game.

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