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Fruit Jamba: 100 Levels of Refreshing Fun

Fruit Jamba is a game/app that is available to play on Facebook. The fruity madness of this simple game shows you that matching-three based games are still alive! Candy Crush may be all the rage, but eventually too much candy can rot your teeth! Fruit Jamba is a nice game to play when you want a break from the sugary madness that Candy Crush provides. 6Waves has created this app which has made a boost on Facebook, hosting up to 228,000 monthly users per month. (it was only  6,300 players in March 2014.) From this simple fact, you can see that many players are still seeking a good alternative to the addicting, yet monotonous candy crusher.

The Jist of the Game

The unique thing about Fruit Jamba is the game’s means for the user to obtain certain items, reach goals and achieve various new rewards per level. As a user levels up, a new animal friend may be added to help give the play a power up . If you’re stuck in a rut, a boomerang can be used to clear a chosen area of 3×3. In terms of what type of animal friends you will find in Fruit Jamba, you can have a tiger that wields a powerful boomerang or a mammoth who doubles the value of fruits!

A Few Fruit Fun Features

Aside from interesting animal friends that you can unlock, Fruit Jamba provides players with progressive levels with features such as:

  • Unlocking new number moves and different stages
  • More stars can be gained by unlocking new levels
  • By achieving a certain score, without using extra moves, more features can be unlocked
  • Refreshing animations and giddy characters to make anyone’s day
  • Can’t easily reach a score? You can replay any level to match your friends’ scores on Facebook

Play Fruit Jamba Online

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For more  fun-filled games to relax stressed nerves, check back at 6Waves. They have a multitude of games to choose from and each has its own unique knacks about it.

Also look how Fruit Jamba level 115 looks like. Watch the video.

About 6Waves: An Up-and-Coming Game Company

6Waves is a publisher of games based on mobile platforms and featured on social networks. They are currently partnering with developers from many corners of the world to bring players quality games. There are millions of users on their gaming network. 6Wave’s original works root back to Facebook, but their works can now be found in Mixi, Hangame, Mobage and Yahoo! There are many more games and things that are to be offered by this fast-growing trend of mobile gaming.