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World of Goo has become famous among people around the world. In a few years of time, it has done a great job. Most of the people have given a good review for it. What is it actually? As the name suggests, it’s a puzzle game based on physics. Many of you may not like physics at a younger age. It is possible that, you may generate interest once again. 2D Boy developed and produced the game. It is designed for Wii Ware, PC/MAC, pad and Linux. One can easily find it in the iPad app store or Wii Ware downloadable services. The most important question that comes in our mind is what do we do in the world of goo? It has two points i.e. starting and ending point. We need to build structures using goo balls. Those games have many features, which will attract. You will find many fancy characters. The game is very attractive and filled with a charming atmosphere. You would seem as if you have come to a strange universe. The correct definition of goo is any thick viscous matter.

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World of Goo Review

The game just justifies its definition. There is a spinning wheel where you need to build a bridge or structures. It is not so easy. It will get more difficult as you go further. So do not feel sad if you fail to go further. Certainly, 2D boys have put their whole effort to make it more interesting and fascinating. They have succeeded in their work. At each level, there is something new for you. It may even surprise you. I can guarantee that you will open each level with great interest. Let me now tell you about the graphics and its designs. Graphics are designed in a unique way. It will make you happy each time you play the game. Background music adds another spice to it. Each level has new music has given according to the atmosphere. When it shouts Yoo-hoo, it just sounds amazing. The game does not look so simple yet the controls are simple. In a few seconds, you would get much acquainted with it.

You can find fantastic mixing of colors. We can have more than one player playing in time. It increases the difficulty level because it is hard to keep up the co-ordination. Just imagine what will be a game if three to four players play at a time. World of goo is an ideal game for every person. If you sit for once, is hard to get up. The most interesting thing is that, you get it only for 15$. Just imagine 15$. It is like a small packet big blast. I can promise you; it is one of the best 2D games ever played. If you are crazy for puzzle games, world of goo is your destination. So what are you waiting for, just go to grab it.

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