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Tiny legends series is back with a new power pact game “Tiny Legends Monster Crasher”. It includes tiny legends and heroes. The game looks simple but it is not so. Your job is to stop the monsters from spreading their evilness. This game is full of actions and adventures. A beautiful story is presented in this game. A dusting of heroes captured an evil black dragon in a tower. It was difficult for the hero to capture the evil for a long time. Many of them died in the course of time. The mistake made by a boy helped the dragon’s spirit to release. The evil dragon was waiting for its turn to take the revenge for the humans. The monster called its entire people and made an army. The army started their cruel activities on the humans trying to wake up their lord. People who love action games will enjoy playing. The role of the players will be to save these humans from the monsters hanging around.

TinyLegends Monster Crasher Review

The game provides you to play in three different roles. The attacks from these monsters can be resisted by the guardian. A shield and long sword is given to them. Second is the assassin. It has the power to accelerate along with accuracy. Last one is the Berserker. It can destroy the enemies with big heavyweight sword. Most of the people are concerned about the controls before they actually start playing the game. You don’t have to worry. The controls are simple and easy to learn. You can move your character by tapping the arrow icon which is present on the left side of the screen. You can change the character by pressing the round-backed arrow. You can show your skills by tapping the attack icon. There is co-op mode which you can get access to after clearing the first stage. In this mode you need to carry out the unfinished game with your two online partners. Once you have finished the team battle, you can unlock several stages.

As you go on winning, you will reward with skills, gold and gears. You can upgrade your weapons by using gold and stones. You can create your own heroes. As the game proceeds, you can access the new skills. You need to upgrade your weapons, so that the chance of winning the game increases. The best part of the game is the background music and the graphics. The visual effects are so beautifully designed that it will give you the feeling as if you are really in a battle field. You cannot mute the game with such sound effects. This game is compatible with phones and pad. The size of the game is 153 MB. The seller of the game is Trinity Interactive Limited. You can get this game by spending a few dollars from your pocket. I can give you the assurance that you will get bored with the game. It will be a wise move to spend a few dollars on this game.

Tiny Legends: Monster Crasher – HD Game trailer

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