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Another game of dragon is out after Dragon valley is the Dragon city. It also belongs to the same popular family of dragon breeding. The game has come up with new thoughts, some potential start and whelming results. The game looks simple and interesting. Dragon city is a game where you need to breed new varieties of dragons, feed them with food and at last level them up. What is the purpose of these dragons? You may use these dragons to take part in battle and fight against the other players. In this way, you may unlock new bursaries and reach to next stages. At the early stages, things are introduced in a simple and attractive way. You shall be given several goals about what is anticipated from the player. These goals are as eye-opening paths for you. It clearly has the instruction about where you need to place new buildings and how you are going to breed the dragons to get new types out of it. You need to build farms to improve your dragons. You may get food from the farms to feed your dragons. Hope you enjoy our Dragon City Mobile Review.

They shall receive more experience if you feed them more. You need to earn gold and fight against new dragons; leveling up is necessary. The time taken to complete these goals is short. It is fun and full of excitement. But there are certain loopholes in this game. As you go to higher stages, the goals start to repeat it. You may find just a slight difference in the goals. Thus a player needs to wait about complete the higher stages with little to do. You can get frustrated with the game. The main purpose of the game is to create a new breed. This process is also slow. First, the two dragons shall breed and gives an egg. Then you have to wait to get another breed from the egg. But all the tasks are not time-consuming. Some of the works must recruit friends. Facebook is connected with it and may play the game through the browser.

Dragon City Tips and Tricks

2D graphics are used to develop this game. You shall enjoy this game if you love 2D graphics. These are simple and attractive. If you like songs based on illusion theme, your ears shall get addicted to it. Being a 2D game, the controls are simple and easy to learn. Phones and pad are compatible to run this game. The size of the game is 50.1 MB. Social points are the real heroes to make this game. The game looks interesting and you can get addicted to it. It is seen that those who pay, they can get better rewards. Dragon city does not have any interesting story or mechanics. You undergo tutorial classes so that you understand what are essentials for building a city? It is just as an exercise where you keep on tapping. Everyone cannot like the game. Dragon city is like a management game as Farmville. It requires many skills and patience to complete each stage.