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Dolphin Olympics 2

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Dolphin Olympics 2

In Dolphin Olympics 2 game, you have control over a dolphin. You are required to perform a number of tricks to score points. The aim is to score as many points as possible in the two minute time limit.

Below Are Some Important Tips To Play The Dolphin Olympics 2 Game:

  • Land nose first to gain an entry bonus.
  • You should lead the fish out of the water to gain a point and a speed bonus.
  • Swim through the rings to get increase your speed and get additional time.
  • Do as many tricks as possible to increase your speed and multiply your combinations.
  • As soon as you complete one combination, jump immediately to create a continuous combination.

Game Overall

The game play is fun and will keep you interested. It will take some time to understand how to do all the tricks. Once you master them , it will only increase the fun aspect of the game.

Game Instructions:

The Basic Techniques For The Game Are As Below:

  • Use the up arrow to accelerate.
  • Use the down arrow to roll.
  • Use the right arrow to turn right.
  • Use the left arrow to turn left.
  • Flip the dolphin using the left and right arrows while it is airborne.

The Advanced Techniques for The Game Are As Below:
When you are approaching the water

  • Press the down arrow to do a tailslide.
  • Press the up arrow to come out of a tailslide.

The Hyper-Advanced Techniques For The Game Are As Below:
When You Are In Space

  • Use the down arrow to do a star slide.
  • This will give you longer airtime, when you use the up arrow to come out of the slide.

In Order To Extend Your Combinations In The Water

  • Keep the down arrow pressed and roll between jumps.

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