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Play Flappy Bird Online

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Flappy Bird

This is one of the most famous games ever. Players need advanced skills to score high levels because the game is very difficult. Actually, the game was discontinued in Apple Store and Android Market. The only people who as the game installed are the same people who never installed it because it is not available anymore from Gear Studio.

Flappy Bird is a side-scrolling 2D retro style graphics game in which, the main objective of the player is to direct a bird. Each oncoming set of pipes collision should be avoided to continue in the level.

Basically, the bird flaps upward each time the player taps the screen (in the mobile version), in the desktop version (the one you can play online in our site pressing the “play now” button) player only need to press left mouse button, otherwise the bird falls due to gravity.

The game as the pipes always have the same gap between them and there is no end to the running track, having only the flap and ding sounds and the rising score as rewards.

This is the best Flappy Bird Online Free Version ever. This is the original game bit that can be played online with any browser.

Game Instructions: Use the mouse to fly. Skip the obstacles. If you crash one time then game over. The score is based on the number of pipe sets that the bird successfully passed through, with medals awarded for the score. The gameplay is very simple but the game is also very addictive.

Play Flappy Bird Online

Play Flappy Bird Online – Click The Image To Play


Play Flappy Bird online for free no download with us. If you like this game share it on social networks and also post some comments with your results! :)

Play Flappy Bird Online

The Flappy Bird game story deserves our attention, here are 10 Facts about Flappy Bird Game , one of the most famous games first launched for iphone ever.

10 Facts About The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird

It’s hard to believe that there was once a time when ‘Flappy Bird’ didn’t exist and hordes of children, teens and even adults weren’t addicted to knocking down blocks by flinging birds at them. Making its’ creator Dong Nguyen almost $50,000 a day Flappy Bird is the most downloaded game in the world. It became so famous that Nguyen pulled it from the app store due to so many players becoming addicted to the game. Here are some facts about flappy bird to hold you over until you can get back to flinging birds with the new, less addictive version expected to become available in August.

  1. The creator learned code by the age of 16. Growing up in a village called Van Phu Dong Nguyen’s father worked in a hardware store and his mother worked for the government. As a teen he would obsessively play Super Mario Bros sparking his interest in code.
  2. It took 2-3 days to create. Nguyen has said that instead of the usual face plant that players see when you tap a bird wrong that he originally wanted it to “explode in a bloody pulp or bounce back across the ground.”
  3. Creating viral games can be hazardous to your health. The game became so addictive that when Nguyen pulled the game he began receiving death threats.
  4. People are making thousands on eBay. Since it was pulled from all app stores some players have decided to put devices with flappy bird installed up for sale on eBay selling them for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. One bid on eBay for an iPhone that already had Flappy Bird installed sold for $90,000.
  5. It had a short run. It was available for less than a year being released on May 24, 2013 then getting removed on February 10, 2014 but garnered over 50 million downloads.
  6. Critics hated it. Bashing it left, right, up and down Metacritic gave Flappy Bird a score of 54/100.
  7. Flappy Bird became popular all on its own. Once it hit the top 10 list of games downloaded developers flocked to Nguyen to discover the secrets to his success. Nguyen would always claim that he “doesn’t do promotion” which many doubt.
  8. It’s a trending topic. According to Topsy tweets with the phrase “Flappy Bird” passed the 500,000 a day mark.
  9. There’s a science to it. Wanting to know the secrets to its success and the psychological reasons behind the addictive behaviors exhibited by many reporters have started studying the game.
  10. Dong Nguyen isn’t a fan. Despite all the attention and success his game has had Nguyen would rather live a simple life away from the death threats and negative press he’s received saying that the game is overrated.

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