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    I want to start out immediately by sharing a bit about myself. I was employed in Las Vegas casinos for over 10 years. At times, I worked as a dealer, boxman, floorman, pit boss as well as assistant casino manager. I’ve been to every casino game , and possibly every system player that there is. System players are easy to identify. They never seem to be having the same fun as the recreational gamblers. They are very focused and careful about what they are doing. Some even attempt to hide or conceal what they are doing to ensure that the rest of the family doesn’t stumble on. Now that is funny. It’s funny because the house enjoys playing games on systems. Why? because there is no system that beat the casino game. There are many ways to win smartly and stay ahead of the casino game. This isn’t a strategy. It’s more of an approach and a way of life. We’ll discuss that shortly. Let me discuss each of three games that appear to be the most sought-after Blackjack, craps, and roulette.

    Blackjack is unique among these three games of being the only one in which you actually participate in making choices about your game, and not only betting but also in the game itself. You are able to decide if you’d like to hit or not divide, double down, split or even do nothing. You have some control over what happens during the game. In blackjack the one obvious advantage that the dealer enjoys over the other players is that the dealer has the chance to blow out his hands (go beyond 21) first. The dealer does not have to play a game when all players have busted their hands. This is a significant benefit. The only blackjack system worth mentioning is, of course, card counting. By counting cards, the player is aware of the amount of cards dealt or more precisely, the number of cards left in the deck, the number of tens exposed and, in a lesser degree as well, the number of smaller cards played, as well as the amount of aces that remain on the table. The deck is considered to be wealthy in the event that there are more than ten tens left in it and less cards than half of the deck. This is a great advantage for the player, especially when there’s a large number of Aces. A well-stocked deck can increase the chance of getting blackjack. Counting also helps the player be aware of how many cards can bust out his hand and he might play his hand accordingly. This is a good method. This could give the player an advantage, or at the very least level the playing fields. zoom games to play does, in fact! If you’re playing either a single or double deck game and you are more than halfway through the deck and you’re aware that the deck is very rich, you would raise the amount you’re betting because the odds shift slightly to your advantage. It is important to remember that the chance of a dealer getting blackjacks has increased. When I first read about counting cards I was excited. This was your chance to win serious cash. It made sense and , in theory, it is the only strategy that gives you an edge. Why isn’t there fun games of people out there making money on blackjack with card counting? blog is easy. Card counters are very easy to recognize. You see, any floor manager or pit boss is aware of how to keep track of cards (at at least, to some extent). They are able to determine if a deck has a high value or low, and adjust their bets accordingly. If a counter is spotted, there are 3 options for the house to take. It is best to ignore the situation and continue playing and see what happens. They could also inform the player politely that they will not permit players to play at their casino. They are entitled to do this in line with the gaming commission rules. They can also ask the dealer to draw one or two hands and shuffle. This can reduce any advantage a counter might have. more info is how I dealt with counters while I was in the pits. I remember one time where I observed an attractive young lady walk into the arena and she appeared to be very thoughtful and serious. I was immediately attracted to observe her play. So much for trying to hide! I did watch the game she was playing and she was in fact the only player on the table. She increased her stake instantly when the deck was rich. I looked over at the dealer and smiled and instructed her to shake the deck. It was so funny. The player actually yelled, “Hey!” I smiled and walked away, instructing the dealer to draw 2 hands and then shuffle. It’s no surprise that the player walked away with her money, and likely saw the same thing happen to her everywhere she went. Over-rated is counting. You will only be able to win casinos if you are able to control your money.

    Let’s talk about the roulette system. It is a ridiculous game, therefore I will not be spending too much time. It is impossible to predict the outcome of the tiny white ball on the roulette wheel. I’ve seen players rummaging over their notepads, writing down God knows what, thinking they will be able to know what ball will land the next. Think about it…the wheel is not spinning at a constant pace. The dealer isn’t able to make the ball spin at exactly the same speed or in the exact same location each time. It is random. The dealer will slowly remove the ball from the wheel and give it a small pressure to keep it spinning. This is why the ball is not always at a constant speed of rotation. It’s absurd to think that the previous spin can affect the ball’s position. For instance, let’s say five has hit twice in a row. What do you think the chances of 5 coming up on the very next spin will be? The odds of 5 once again hitting the jackpot is 37-1, my dear friend. The probability of any number hitting at any given moment is always 37 – 1 regardless of what happened during the preceding spin(s). Most players aren’t aware of this. It’s not even worth 37-1 when you hit a certain number. check my blog get paid 35 -1 ! You’re already beaten! Hence, very simply there isn’t a system in the world that beats roulette. Sure, you can be lucky and win the game but that is pure luck. The system cannot guarantee a winning session. It’s all luck. It is as Einstein said, “The only way to beat a roulette game is to steal the game.” Einstein is correct. Never pay anyone that claims that they are trying to sell you a system of roulette. They are all scams, period!

    We’ve already dealt with roulette and blackjack. Now, we must deal with craps. Now craps is a pretty complicated game and there are literally hundreds of methods to bet on the game. I will not go into betting systems because they are not the subject I’m trying to disprove. My main concern is the player that actually believes or attempts to convince others that he has control over the rolling of the dice. The type of person will place the dice in a particular manner, roll them in the same way, and then claim that he or she can control how the dice fall. Are you really going to require more? A craps table measures about 8-10 feet longand has a hard surface underneath the felt layout. The dice bounce off and bounce back off the table at totally random angles and speeds. It’s impossible to attain this level of control in real life. Even the master magicians of Vegas can’t achieve it! Have you ever witnessed a magician even try it?” No, of course not.

    I want to conclude here that the only legitimate method I’ve ever encountered is one that minimizes loss and increases winnings. It’s a money management system that actually takes some discipline to use. This system can be used to play any game, but not poker. The method is a way to stay ahead of the game day after day. It is however an investment management method not a strategy. I’ll write about it in my next article.