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    PaperHelp Review

    Reliability comes with the quality and originality of writing and honesty of the writers, prompt delivery of jobs and affordable services. While PaperHelp is determined to provide a lot of these services, there’s always the possibility of improvements.

    PaperHelp.org Review – Is it Worth It?

    PaperHelp.org, a professional custom-writing service, offers paper writing services which include admission assistance and CVs. PaperHelp.org is among the numerous similar websites available on the internet however, there isn’t any with such a cosmic design. It’s literary and cosmic, and I fell in love with it immediately. This article will provide more about PaperHelp.org

    Starting price

    Table of Contents


    PaperHelp.org is an experienced writing service that provides paper writing services. From admissions assistance to essays and CVs. While there are numerous websites that are similar, there isn’t one with such a creative design. It was literary and I was enthralled immediately. “Their service might have a high quality!” I thought.

    Later, while writing the review, I began to think about how old this website was. So I went to web.archive.org and looked it up.

    Screenshot of web.archive.org

    It appears that PaperHelp was first reported in 2001, but it was only launched in 2008 (copyright on the website confirms this).

    PaperHelp.org started in 2008

    My jaw dropped! The design has been vastly improved since then. This is the way it looked in 2013:

    Website design in its original design in 2013, as of 2013.

    It now has a new appearance. Their marketing strategies seem to be very client-oriented, as the website has become so user-friendly and convenient in use. It’s fun to calculate the price on the front page.

    PaperHelp Main Page

    So, I was hoping for their Customer Support and writers to be helpful too. I have found their primary message “Reach Your Goals With Our Support” to be very clear. I can order from their website and be assured that their experts will take care of it while I concentrate on other important things that are important to me. After my first order I checked to make sure I was right!

    They are current! The website offers using mobile apps! Android users are lucky more than Apple lovers I’m sure. The PaperHelp iOS app is currently not accessible, however they might relaunch it soon.

    It was a bit confusing for me as far as pricing. Although the “Calculate price” section showed that the price was $12 for the beginning however, when I clicked on Prices (which includes an inventory of prices), it was only $10. It was not a error, however. It took me a bit of effort to discover that the prices here and there had been adjusted for various academic levels. Despite this tricky thing, the pricing table is simple and understandable. It lists pricing for all kinds of services and deadlines.

    In the beginning, I couldn’t know what the meaning of the approximate price displayed on the front page. Does it mean I’m supposed to pay more in the future? What is the reason why prices can increase? After navigating through the Pricing page, I discovered that they offer different types of writer’s categories and some helpful additional services (Astar services) that can be included in any order. These are priced extra. This is the issue.

    PaperHelp is an excellent name. They can provide papers to students in any circumstance they may encounter. Their strong side is writing from scratch, but they also do editing/proofreading, give admission help, create presentations, and… even competitive resumes!


    PaperHelp has been in existence for a while. Recently, one of the users reached out to me to ask for my opinion on PaperHelp since he planning to use them in his dissertation, so I decided to do an extensive review of the site and find out their quality and if it worthwhile to use their services.

    Detailled pros and cons


    Superb website design

    The site is stunningly constructed, as I have already said. It is no doubt that they have attracted many new customers since the last update. It’s a nice area to live in.

    The website has excellent functionality and a beautiful image. When you arrive there, you can find out what you can find and the best way to resolve them.

    Support agents are friendly and available 24/7 online

    Support for me is essential. They are always available to assist me with projects that I’ve put off or put off. If I come up with an urgent assignment that is not completed PaperHelp can quickly process the order at midnight. PaperHelp staff are friendly and helpful. To help me with all my queries, I used chat. I also received calls from them several times.

    High-quality papers (good English).

    Quality paper means “good grammar with no plagiarism and a well-organized layout”. I got my first paper, and each subsequent one written up to these criteria. I could even hire the same writer to do more work. It is possible to add any writer as favorites and quickly find it.

    Students from other countries can ask for “Simple English” for an additional cost. The essay will be written on an easy level. They collaborate with writers from other English-speaking countries (USA UK, Canada, Australia).

    On-time delivery

    My world is all about meeting deadlines. PaperHelp shares these same values. The 11 orders I placed here were delivered by the deadline I originally set. I had time to check them and send for revision (I requested it just 2 times). Their strength is time management!


    Some Support Agents may not be native speakers

    It might not be obvious however, there aren’t all managers who are native English speakers. However foreign students are more likely to be part-time workers and earn the managers.

    iOS app is not working

    PaperHelp would be great for me since I’m an avid app user. Notifications can be received without me logging into my account on the website. It’s a practical technology of the 21st century. It’s not working for Apple, much to my dismay.

    Types of Services

    They provide three types of services, as listed on the Prices page. These comprise:

    Writing from scratch


    Admission help

    These are general names. The drop-down menu provided me with more details regarding the subjects they cover and the assignments they could do when I looked over the form for ordering.


    Research paper

    Course work

    Questions and Answers

    Study of a case

    Annotated bibliography

    Argumentative essay


    Review of article


    Book review



    The term paper


    Customer Reviews

    Absolutely, I would not try any service without reading what other customers have to review it. Google provided me with “paperhelp reviews”.

    A number of pages on different review platforms are saying different things – from “I dislike your service, all your family members, and even your dog, too” to “Oh, my Gosh I love you to the moon and back!”. Just kidding however, in the end, it sounds like this.

    The complaints and likes are about the same thing: delivery and quality… Some customers are totally happy with the service. At the same time there are people who are not.

    Have an interest.

    These are positive reviews from Trustpilot.com or Sitejabber.com

    5-star review. The client was pleased with the speed of delivery and compliance to all requirements.

    Five-star review with good quality papers, customer service, and affordable costs.

    5-star review, admits fast delivery.

    I want to say that you cannot rely on each feedback as a telling-the-truth-thing. The first is that opinions can only be a subjective thing that you cannot verify unless the service is actually utilized. The second reason for this is because reviews could be fake. According to my experience, the academic writing sphere is a highly competitive one, so there are lots of “well-wishers” who ruin the reputation of others online.

    In conclusion I’d suggest that relying on a few comments saying about negative experience doesn’t mean the website is bad indeed. CAPSLOCK feedbacks are often just an emotional drain.

    PaperHelp received good scores on Trustpilot (4.3 Stars) and Sitejabber 4.0 stars (which are the most trusted review platforms for customers).

    PaperHelp is a wonderful company that responds to each review and every complaints. They reply to EACH negative feedback and some positive too. Their most effective feature is their online reputation communication.

    Yes, they give refunds as promised in their Money Back Guarantee policy. Take a look:

    Customer support reply to one of the negative reviews.


    The pricing list is simple to understand. The price per page is displayed after you select the kind of service, deadline and academic level. The price can be shown in various currencies. Be aware that prices don’t include VAT. But according to your country, you can include VAT in the checkout price.

    Their College academics are top-notch since I’m in college. The cost is $12 for 20-days. But the thing is that I sometimes require more urgent delivery, which is usually within 1 week, which isn’t offered here. It is ideal to have it delivered within six days. This means that I need to purchase 3 days at times, and it is substantially more expensive.

    P.S. P.S. It is possible that you will have to pay more if your work level is higher or the writing is more complicated than you expected.


    This website guarantees the following:

    Plagiarism-free papers

    On-time delivery

    Total security

    3 Free Revisions

    Money back

    24/7 online assistance

    Short deadlines starting at just 3 hours

    Writers native English speakers with degrees

    What’s important. This site cannot provide any mark or an approximate grade. The website has an disclaimer that says you can only use the paper as a template and an example for your own work. Fair Use Policy is their separate policy.

    Furthermore, Terms and Conditions ensure that the site is authentic. Each policy comes with a set of rules that a user can rely upon. As a customer, I have the option to get three types of refunds based on the Money Back Guarantee policy, and 3 free revisions per their Revision policy. It’s amazing!

    This is the truth I couldn’t resist their Customer Support, which is VIP. It is one of many useful services I can add on to my purchase and improve my experience.

    VIP customer support

    In reality, I think they have enough managers to handle the volume of orders that they receive. PaperHelp Review can handle more orders during peak season. Whatever VIP package I choose, I would like my order to be completed quickly. I don’t want to pay more than I need for the items that I will receive automatically.

    Overall, I think that the site is great. Why? The answer is easy to find. They completed every one of my 15 orders on time, and I didn’t complain about spelling or grammar, and format papers according to my requirements (usually MLA/APA), and also write more words per page.

    What I see is that others customers agree with my opinion. Here’s a feedback form their website. I agree completely with the feedback.

    One of their reviews

    Customer Support

    As I said earlier, not all of their Support agents are fluent in English well. This is not a reason I would not order from them. It does seem a bit odd at times. Support is the person to contact to customers. They are also the ones who introduce the service (apart from the site) to the customers. They are fluent in English, are proficient in the language and can assist customers. Although I understand why they don’t write essays Others might believe they’re not native speakers.

    Managers are friendly and available all hours of the day, which is a great aspect.

    Telephone number 1 888 318 0063 (USA)

    You can chat online on the site or in your private space when you sign in.

    via messages within your personal area, as well

    Address for email: It is contingent on the purpose of the email and whether it’s a query or an issue.

    They have also created entertaining social media pages to demonstrate that they are in the same boat as students: Instagram as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    To my knowledge the exact place of the company is not yet known. While they have registered a company in Cyprus, they list their American address on their website.

    Daryl (manager) says the company is located in London. I had the opportunity to talk with her in a few minutes and she responded literary. It was great, because I hate waiting too long.

    On the other hand. What really matters is where their location is when I’m happy with the quality of the service? I was able use the site without issue, including payment and delivery. They have two offices, one with support agents and one with marketing and financial departments.

    Payment Methods

    PaperHelp offers two payment choices. You can pay either with your card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and JCB), or using another way of payment, which redirects you to the option of PayPal.


    The guarantees the website offers are comparable to those provided at other websites. Promising is so fragile that it needs proofs. They confirmed my words, as I got them in the course of orders that were placed up to 15 times.

    Personal approach


    3-hour deadline



    No plagiarism

    Professionals who write with degrees.

    They provide certain guarantees in their guidelines. Check out the Revision policy to learn more about FREE revisions.


    How to place an order

    The price can be calculated on the front page. From there you will be taken to the purchase page. There you will be able to make use of two forms: the The Quick and the Extended.

    They are both very simple to use. You can add more options to each choose the appropriate level of the writer and add useful additional features such as a Plagiarism Report Abstract page, or other helpful additional features. Since I had my notes in Word, I chose the fastest form. The instructions were in Word document format, so I could upload them for the writer. But, the more information that you can provide to the writer, will make the assignment easier.

    Loyalty program

    It’s not bad at all. I received their promo code and decided to use it in my summer assignment. You can see that I saved 10% making use of their email marketing campaign. I also got over $3 off my next order under their loyalty program. Although it’s not a lot, the price was reasonable. However, I could not find any official information about how much bonus I received or what it was based on. My friend claimed that they had previously been subject to loyalty requirements. They now have a temporary plan. We’re hoping that they will soon have something exciting.

    It’s also something you should not overlook The referral program! As I said I was invited to join via a personal referral link that a friend of mine shared with me. It’s attractive. You can save 10% off your first purchase and the person you refer gets 10 percent.

    Resellers are another option to earn. It was something that I’d never tried before as I don’t have many people who would be willing to assist me in starting my own business selling papers. However, it could be an excellent idea an element of a student’s job. It is important to think it through!


    In summary the main points, I’d like to emphasize the following points: The site is stunning and is extremely user-friendly. It is also legit. The rates are reasonable. The price per page is $10. It’s not cheap if you choose a shorter deadline, but it is still affordable.

    Based on my friend’s one-year experience ordering from here, I believe that it is reliable. Now, I have my own experience too – a positive one! Although there are some areas that require improvement, such “more details about the loyalty program on the site” or “making Support native work better” I would still suggest using it. Their biggest plus is that they keep their word, despite many paperhelp.org reviews.

    This blog contains the writer’s thoughts and views on topics about which he decides to write about. The author retains the right of expression and is not responsible to the quality of the services offered on the site.