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    A Seoul officetel is not the same as a conventional apartment building. Rather, it is like a small, two-story building that houses multiple businesses. Some of these businesses are restaurants, art studios, or movie production studios. The facility has a partly self-contained feature that allows tenants to make use of the facilities in the building’s kitchen for daily activities.

    While Seoul and Busan are two popular cities in south Korea, there are also several other locations where you might find an officetel. This includes Jeju Island and Ulsan as well as Sokcho, Suwon and Banyan Bay. These areas, like other parts of the country have a vibrant real estate market. And with the rapidly growing Seoul and Busan metropolis, they are seeing an influx of expatriates as well.

    Real estate in Seoul and Busan is quite competitive. It is a good thing for property owners, such as those who own or operate officetel in the area that are Korean-owned. Oftentimes, tenants who cannot afford to pay rent can get subsidies from the government. In this way, Seoul and Busan offer a nice welcome to foreign investors. At the same time, they minimize their impact on the Korean economy.

    Many South Koreans are more interested in buying a home that is international in nature. They fear high taxes if they purchase a property abroad. They also fear they might not be eligible for a refund of their deposit in the event that the investment is a loss.

    A South Korean officetel would be the ideal choice for them. The reason is that these apartments are offered at low rentals. The down payment is all that’s required and the rents are paid for the remainder of the term. Plus, he gets free lodging and transportation including car allowance. Moreover, there is an exemption on property taxes, which makes these homes affordable for even the most conservative of individuals.

    In contrast, a person who wants to live in a luxury apartment like those in the upscale hotels in London and New York will have to cough up more. The advantage of a Seoul or Busan luxury apartment is the higher rent. In other words, the rent will be comparable to those in the US or Europe. Security deposit is one of the greatest advantages to living in multi-purpose buildings like officetel. The safety deposit can be used by anyone who shop in the building to replace his items.

    알밤 It is worth noting that many property owners in Seoul or Busan don’t allow tenants to shop at their apartments. Tenants are also prohibited from renting personal computers, TVs, or any other electronic devices. Some owners prohibit smoking in certain areas. Apparently, these owners feel that the presence of smoke is harmful for the residents of the complexes. These rules, along with others, are the same ones as in normal hotels. Tourists are not allowed to rent private rooms in these buildings.

    Tourists who live in apartments or apartment buildings that are serviced by a management company face another problem. The management fee, although usually charged by the owner, is often much higher than the monthly rent. Normally, management fee covers the maintenance expenses incurred by the management team of the property. These include monthly cleaning of the house and carpets, as well as maintenance fees for swimming pools and security deposits. Maintenance fees also cover heating and air conditioning maintenance and operating costs.

    People who travel to Korea don’t realize the differences in Seoul’s real estate market from those in America and Europe. One of the biggest disadvantages of residing in a serviced apartment in Seoul or Busan is the high property rental rate. Almost all Korean property owners charge the tenants higher than the fair market rental. Many owners also charge tenants hidden fees such as cleaning, maintenance fees, security deposit and housekeeping. If you are a tourist looking to rent a Seoul apartment, you should make sure that the rental rate you are being charged is reasonable enough.

    The best place to search for a seoul apartment is to look online. Many websites offer discounts on villas and apartments for tourists. It is easy to compare prices on different websites. You want to make sure you choose a reliable site. You can rest assured you’ll get the best value for money.