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    PaperHelp Review

    Reliability is based on quality and uniqueness of writing and honesty of the writers, prompt delivery of jobs and affordable services. PaperHelp strives to achieve many of these features however there is always room for improvement.

    PaperHelp.org Review – Is it Worth It?

    PaperHelp.org is an expert custom-writing service offers paper writing services which include admission assistance and CVs. While there are numerous similar websites out there however, this one stands out because it has a more cosmic design. Literary and cosmic. I loved it from the very beginning. Check this article to learn more about PaperHelp.org

    Starting price

    Table of Contents


    PaperHelp.org is a professional, writing service that provides custom writing services. Sorry, Captain Obvious! From admissions assistance to essays and CVs. While it’s like many other sites, there are few that offer such an original design. I was awed by the literary nature of it and loved it immediately. “Their service could be top-quality!”, I thought.

    Later, as I wrote this review, I started to think about how old the website actually was. I used web.archive.org to verify the authenticity of the website.

    Screenshot of web.archive.org

    Looks like PaperHelp was first seen there in 2001, but it was only launched in 2008 (copyright on the website confirms it).

    PaperHelp.org started in 2008

    My jaw dropped! The design has significantly improved since the time I first saw it. This was how it appeared in 2013.

    The old design of the site was in use since.

    The website has a fresh new appearance. They seem to be client-oriented in their marketing strategies, since the website is so easy to use. The front page allows you to determine the cost.

    PaperHelp Main page

    Therefore, I expected friendly Customer Support and writing from them. Their “Reach your Goals with our Help” message is a great reminder to me that I can make an order here and I can be assured that they’ll handle it while my other priorities are taking priority. After my first order, I made sure that I had done the right thing!

    They are up-to date! You can download mobile applications on the official website. Android users have it better than Apple users like me. PaperHelp iOS app doesn’t work at the moment however I’m sure they’re about to relaunch it.

    It was a bit confusing for me as far as pricing. In the Calculate Price section, it listed $12 as the price for starting. However I was astonished to find the lower starting pricing option – $10. It was not a mistake. It took me a bit of time to realize that the pricing here and there was adjusted to accommodate different academic levels. Despite being complex the pricing tables are clear and easy to comprehend. It shows prices for both all types of work and deadlines.

    At first I wasn’t sure what the approximate cost was. Is it a sign that I should be paying more in the future? Can I expect the price to go up? Scrolling down the Prices page, I discovered that they have different categories for writers and other services (A-stars) which can be added to my order. They also cost extra. That’s it.

    PaperHelp is an established brand. They offer papers of any type and service for all students. Their strong side is writing from scratch, but they also do editing/proofreading, give admission help, create presentations, and… even competitive resumes!


    I’ve been hearing about the website for a little while now. Recently one of the users reached out to me to ask for my opinion about PaperHelp, as he was intended to use them for his dissertation, so I decided to do a full review and check out how good they are and whether it is worthwhile to use their services.

    The pros and cons of details


    Superb website design

    The site is stunning and beautiful, as I’ve previously stated. It is no doubt that they have gained a lot of new users since the previous update. It is a nice place to stay.

    It has a great picture and is user-friendly. You can calculate approximate price when you arrive on the site, and look over the options and what problems you can solve here.

    Friendly support agents – 24/7 online

    It is crucial for me to have a support system. The 24/7 work schedule is even more important in the case of projects I’ve put off or completely forgotten about. PaperHelp is able to process urgent orders even when they’re late at night. PaperHelp staff are friendly and helpful. I used chat to get all my questions answered. They also repeatedly called me.

    High-quality papers (good English)

    When I refer to “quality paper” that refers to “good grammar,” no typos and a proper structure. My first paper, as well as every subsequent one was written in accordance with these guidelines. I could also employ the same writer for all my works. Add any writer to your favorites to locate them quickly.

    Students from abroad are able to request “Simple English” for a small cost. The essay will be written at an easy level. They work with writers of different English-speaking countries (USA UK Canada Australia).

    On-time delivery

    My world is all about meeting deadlines. PaperHelp has the same principles. 11 of the 15 orders I placed through PaperHelp were received before the original deadline. They were delivered in enough time for me to inspect the items and then forward them to the company for revision. I requested this only 2 times. Their strength is managing time!


    All Support Agents might not be native speakers.

    Contrary to what you think, not all managers can communicate in English. On the other hand, foreign students tend to work part-time and earn their managers.

    iOS app is not working

    I’m app-addicted, so using PaperHelp in the field would be a nice plus. Notifications can be received without having to log to my account through the website. It’s a practical feature that is a modern feature. I am sorry to report that their Apple app isn’t working.

    Different types of services

    The main services offered by them are mentioned on their Pricing page. They comprise:

    Write from scratch


    Admission help

    These are not the only names. The drop-down gave me more detail about the subjects and assignments they could do when I looked at the form for ordering.


    Research paper

    Course work

    Questions and Answers

    Study for the possibility of

    Annotated bibliography

    Argumentative essay


    Review of article


    Book review



    Term paper


    Customer Reviews

    Yes, I would never consider any service if I didn’t know what other customers’ opinions were. Google showed me “paperhelp review” and I decided to ask Google.

    Several pages with various review platforms are stating various things, ranging from “I hate your service, all of your friends, and your dog, as well” to “Oh, my Gosh, I love you to the moon and back!”. It’s not a joke. It sounds almost like that.

    All complaints and comments are about the same things – delivery quality, writers… There are people who are completely satisfied with how the service does it all. But there are also people who are not satisfied.

    Just take an interest.

    These are positive reviews from Trustpilot.com and Sitejabber.com

    Five-star review. The client was pleased with the speed of delivery as well as the compliance with all requirements.

    5 stars review, recognizing the excellent quality of the papers, excellent customer service, and reasonable costs.

    5-star review, admits fast delivery.

    I want to say that you cannot rely on each feedback as a telling-the-truth-thing. First, opinion can only be a subjective thing that you can’t confirm unless the service has been actually utilized. There is a chance that there are fake reviews. Second, reviews may be fake. The academic writing industry is highly competitive.

    In conclusion my thoughts, even if a small number of people have had a negative experience with the site, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is bad. CAPSLOCK feedbacks are often just an emotional drain.

    PaperHelp has been awarded a high overall score on both Trustpilot (4.3 stars) and Sitejabber (4 stars), which are the most trusted review websites among customers.

    PaperHelp was an excellent company. They never ignored my complaints or reviews. They are responsive to any negative feedback and also some of the positive feedback. Online reputation communication is their strength!

    Yes, they offer refunds in line with their Money Back Guarantee policy. Check it out.

    Customer service will respond to one of the negative reviews.


    The pricing table is clearly displayed. Select the service you want and then click the link below to see the price per webpage. It is also possible to view the cost in various currencies. It is important to note that prices do not include of VAT. This can be added at the checkout, in accordance with where you live.

    The College academics are top-notch as I’m a student. The cost is just $12 for 20 days. However, I sometimes need speedier delivery, typically within a week. It’s not offered here. I’d prefer a delivery time of 6 days. It is more expensive to order 3 days in certain cases.

    P.S. If you are unable to determine the level to pick, chat with the manager at once. If you are not certain of the level you should choose, the manager may ask you to pay extra.


    This website promises the following:

    Plagiarism-free papers

    On-time delivery

    Total security

    Three revisions are free

    Money returned

    24/7 online assistance

    You can start short deadlines in as little as 3 hours

    Degrees in writing for native English native English

    What’s important. It is impossible to guarantee any grade or mark on the site. The website has a disclaimer that states that you are allowed to use the paper as a reference and sample to create your own work. Fair Use Policy is their separate policy.

    Also, the site appears to be legitimate due to its Terms and Conditions. Each policy comes with a set of rules for a customer to trust. This way, as an individual customer, I am entitled to 3 types of refund in accordance with the Money Back Guarantee policy or 3 free revisions as stated in their Revision policy. This is so cool!

    This is the truth: I could not ignore their Customer Support, which is VIP. It’s one of the many helpful options I can add to my purchase and improve my experience.

    VIP customer support

    To be honest, I think they have enough managers to process the amount of orders they receive. Yes, they could receive a greater number of orders during peak seasons. However, I’d like my order to be processed fast regardless of whether I purchase a VIP package or not. I don’t believe I’d want to pay more for items that I should not purchase in the first place.

    I have found the site to be a high quality site. Why? It’s simple to comprehend that they shipped my 15 orders on-time, I didn’t have any concerns about spelling or grammar and they formatted my papers in accordance with the citation styles that I requested (usually MLA, APA) They also have more words on a page.

    What I’ve noticed is that customers share my opinion. Here’s a feedback form their site. I’m completely with the feedback.

    One of their reviews

    Customer Support

    As I said earlier, not all of their Support agents are fluent in English fluently. This is not a reason I would stop ordering from them. But at some point, it is an odd practice. Support are the people who contact customers and are the first to introduce the service to clients (apart from the website). Yes, they understand English well, they speak clearly, and assist with the service well. While I can see the reason the reason why they can’t write essays Others might believe they’re not native speakers.

    Managers are usually helpful and are available round all hours of the day.

    Telephone: 1-888-318-0063 US

    Chat online with the site or in your personal area. Once you have logged in, you can chat online.

    Send messages to your personal space

    Email (address is based on the reason of your email, for example a question or complaint).

    They also have created entertaining social media pages to demonstrate that they’re on a similar page with students: Instagram and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    However, I am not sure where the company is located. While they have registered a business in Cyprus, they list their American location on the website.

    Daryl, the manager, says they are situated in London. She responded to me via chat on the website within less than a minute. Loved it, as I hate waiting for an excessive amount of time…

    On the other side. Does it really matter what the location of their website is if I’m satisfied with the quality of their service? I, and a friend who recommended this site to me had troubles with it, be it delivery or payment. There are two offices: one with support agents and the other with marketing and financial departments.

    Payment Methods

    PaperHelp offers two payment choices. You have the option to pay with a credit card (Visa MasterCard, Discover, MasterCard or PayPal).


    Like other sites, the warranties offered by this website are identical. But, it is crucial to show that the promises made aren’t always true. Since I received them when making orders on this site for up to 15 times, I can affirm that they have confirmed the words they say:

    Personal approach


    3-hour deadline



    No plagiarism

    A writing degree

    Some guarantees are confirmed in their policy. For example, read about FREE revisions within the Revision policy.


    How do I place an order?

    The cost can be determined on the frontpage. Once you have done that, you’ll be redirected to the order page. There you can use 2 forms: The Quick and the Extended.

    Both are extremely easy to use. You can select different options for each, choose the writing level, add helpful extras like Abstract pages, Plagiarism reports, etc. Since I had my notes in Word, I chose the fastest form. They were simple to download to the writer. The writer would appreciate more specific information.

    Loyalty Program

    It’s not bad at all. I received their promotional coupon yesterday and decided to use the coupon code to complete my summer class assignment. You can see I was able to reduce 10% off and earn more than $3 with their email campaign. It’s their loyalty program. While it’s not a massive amount, the cost was still within the range of reasonable. However I could not discover any information about the amount and the basis for my bonus. My friend mentioned that they had different loyalty conditions, and they now have a temporary version. We’re hoping that there will soon be something new and exciting.

    Also, cannot ignore this referral program! As I’ve already stated, I was asked to join the referral program by an acquaintance. It’s quite attractive You save 10% on the first purchase, and your friend earns 10% commission back.

    They also offer a different way to earn – become a reseller. This was something I had not tried as I don’t have many people who are willing to help me start my own business selling papers. But, it might be a good idea as a part of a student’s job. It’s something to think about!


    In conclusion, the site is beautiful and easy to use. It’s also legitimate. The prices are medium. $10 per page is not expensive if you need to meet an earlier deadline, but very affordable.

    A friend of mine who has ordered here for over a year now makes me believe in it. Now, I have my own experience – a positive one! There are some areas which could be improved, like making Support more accessible or adding more information about the loyalty program. However, I would highly recommend it. They have a big plus – they uphold their promises (despite paperhelp org reviews posted on the web)!

    The blog is a reflection of the author’s opinions and thoughts on the topics he selects. The writer is entitled to share his views, however he is not responsible for the content or services provided by these sites.