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    It was about 7PM when Julie finally awoke. Her ass still throbbed a little from the ass fuck she got this afternoon by her Uncle down by the pool. It was a content throb. Again, Tom had slipped out of bed while she slept. Throwing on a thin robe, she ventured downstairs to find him cooking a nice dinner. He seemed to be dressed for a night out on the town, and Julie thought for a moment that he might be going out on a date. However, Tom hurried her back upstairs to get dressed for a night out. He asked her to wear some of those sexy undies they had picked up at Victoria’s Secrets today and a nice dress he had put on the bed in the guest room for her. He also said to feel free to use the makeup in the bathroom cabinet. She hurried upstairs to find a sleek black evening gown waiting for her in just the right size. She fixed up her hair and applied just the right touch of makeup for a young girl.

    When she came back downstairs, Tom whistled his appreciation. Taking her hand, he spun her around to catch a full view of her. He chuckled that she looked so good maybe they should stay in for the night. He lifted the skirt of her dress to see the open crotched red panties she was wearing. Pulling the front of her top down a little, he smiled as he saw the open nipple black lace bra holding her tits in place. He patted her ass as he directed her to the dinner table. He had prepared a lovely spaghetti diner complete with meatballs, garlic bread and some chianti wine. He poured her a small glass and asked if that was enough. She smiled yes, and added that strong drink seemed to make her ass sore. He laughed. They chatted their way through dinner like a couple. When she got a little sauce on her chin, he quickly leaned over and licked it off. They giggled at the gesture.

    After dinner, she helped him clean up and load the dishwasher. She felt so at home with him. He came back into the room with her coat and a fur stole to wear. He told her to close her eyes. She felt his hands wrap around her neck as he fastened a chain behind her. She opened her eyes to see a beautiful emerald pendant dangling between her breasts. He cautioned her it was only a loan for tonight. She asked where they were going, but he avoided her questions. She mentioned that he had said maybe they should stay in for the night, but he said she was so pretty he had to share her with the world.

    Once they were in the car, he leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss. She rested her head on his shoulder as they headed into the City. As they approached their destination, Tom instructed her to sit up straight and behave like a young lady. They pulled in front of the Art Museum. There seemed to be a big affair going on with lots of people. Julie was surprised when they pulled up right in front, and a little shocked when a young man in a uniform opened her door and offered her his hand. Tom got out of the car and handed his keys to one of the other valets as he walked around to meet Julie. She was surprised when the valet addressed her uncle very formally as Mr. Johns. Taking her uncle’s arm, she followed him into the waiting room. There were a lot of people milling about. As they entered the main gallery, a man announced them as “Mr. Thomas Johns and Miss Julie Townsend!” Julie felt overwhelmed by all the attention. wifeanal For the next several hours, they wandered around the gallery chatting with her uncle’s friends. Julie was surprised to find several of his friends already knew a lot about her as Tom had talked so much about her in the past. Julie was amazed at the nice things people repeated about her from what her Uncle had told them. Evidently, Julie had been an attraction for him for years.

    Eventually, the crowd began to thin out. Excusing herself to go to the powder room to “fix her makeup”, Julie left her uncle’s side for the first time that evening. In the ladies room, she was approached by one of the ladies she had met before. The lady commented on how Tom took such an interest in her, and complimented her on her fine manners tonight. The woman remarked “If you were a little older, we would have guessed that you and your Uncle were lovers.” Julie laughed nervously but was on Cloud 9 from the comment. When she returned, Tom said it was time to leave as there were other places to visit. Julie looked at the clock and saw that it was already after 1AM. Where could they be going at this hour?

    Pulling away from the valet stand, Tom asked Julie if she trusted him. She said yes. Pulling over, he told her the next part of tonight was a surprise. In order to keep it a surprise as long as possible, he asked her to wear a blindfold. She agreed. There was nothing she would not do for him. Tom kissed her and withdrew a black blindfold from the glove compartment. He tied it around her head, and kissed her on the forehead. At the same time, he removed the emerald necklace and placed it in the locked glove compartment for “safe keeping”. She settled back as he pulled back onto the road. Soon she felt them turn off the road into a gravel lot. Tom dialed a number on his cell phone and asked someone if it was time.

    Instructing Julie to wait, Tom got out of the car and went around to her side of the car. Opening the door, he gently guided her out of the car and up a couple of stairs. She heard a door open and then close behind them. Tom untied the blindfold. For a second, the bright lights blinded her. As her eyes adjusted, she drew a sharp breath. All around her were walls of sex toys and explicit videos. She realized he had taken her to one of those porn stores. She didn’t know where to look. There were all kinds of sex toys; vibrators, dildos, blow up dolls, and many things she had no idea what they were for.

    A sharp cough made her realize they were not alone. A young man came from behind them. She felt panic as she knew she was not old enough to be in such a place. She stammered that she could get in trouble for being here. Tom assured her there was no one around but her and him, and Bobby the clerk. She was fearful if someone should come in and catch her. Tom said it was after hours, and the doors were locked so no one would be coming in. He announced that he wanted to buy her a vibrator to take home with her to remember him by. Julie blushed.

    Tom asked Bobby what he would recommend. Bobby said it depends on what the young lady likes. Taking her by the arm, he led her over to the wall. He started explaining there were some questions to determine what she needed. First, he asked did she want a dildo or a vibrator. He explained that of course vibrators vibrated and dildos were just solid objects for masturbation. She said she would probably prefer a vibe. Now, he continued, did she prefer to masturbate on the outside or inside. Tom scoffed at him and told Bobby not to treat her like a kid. Bobby nodded, and rephrased it. He asked if she just wanted to rub her clit with the vibe or actually wanted to fuck her pussy with it. Julie stammered rubbing was fine, but fucking was better. Bobby smiled and nodded in agreement. He pointed out several types with the explanation that some “women” prefer a realistic one and others prefer a discrete one. Julie looked at Tom for assistance. Tom said “Do you want one that looks like a cock or pretends to be a muscle massager.” Julie said she preferred cock. Bobby smiled. He pulled one off the shelf and handed it to her. It looked like a red cock but had a small part that came out the side and split into two. Bobby explained this was a rabbit style vibe with a full cock to plunge in her twat and a set of “ears” on the side to stimulate her clit. Julie agreed this one was fine. While Tom and Bobby completed the purchase, Julie wandered around the store looking at the dvds. She saw men and women having sex, saw some covers where girls were getting their ass fucked like she had this afternoon. There were even videos of men sucking and fucking other men, and women with huge dicks fucking guys. She was certainly getting aroused. She could hardly wait to get home and try out the vibrator. Then she realized she meant Tom’s house, not “home”.

    Tom called her over to the counter and asked if there was anything more she wanted to see. She said no. He said “Fine, then hop up on the counter.” Julie looked at him in surprise. Tom continued “Well, before we leave, we have to make sure this vibrator will do the job. We can’t come back.” Julie looked at Bobby and back at her uncle. Tom sighed and picked up the young thing and sat her on the counter. Pulling her skirt up, he pulled apart her pussy lips through the open crotch panties. All the sex on display had already got her juices flowing so she was pretty moist. Bobby handed the vibrator to Tom already fitted with batteries. Tom sucked on the vibe to moisten it up and then lined it up with her hole. He pushed and it gently slid deep inside her. He had not turned on the vibration yet. He wanted her to get use to being fucked by a piece of plastic first. She groaned as her inner muscles gripped on the intruder. Tom pushed it in until the ears were pressed full against her clit. Then he turned the motor on. Her pussy was shocked into spasms as the vibrations filled her whole inside. Her clit hummed from the ears and her pussy lips tried to suck even more of its delicious length into her. Tom leaned over and kissed her passionately as he began to jam the vibrator in and out of her cunt. The intense feelings overwhelmed her and she fainted as her climax swept over her. When she came to, the vibrator had been removed. She watched Bobby sniff and lick her juices from the plastic cock. Tom helped her to her feet and had to steady her as she swayed. This toy was a keeper.

    Tom asked Bobby if the video booths were still on. Bobby nodded. Tom bought a couple of video tokens and led Julie down a dim hallway. He steered her into a small booth that smelled of piss and cum. There was a tv screen set in the wall that came alive when Tom dropped tokens in the slot. She changed the channel repeatedly trying to watch every one at once. Tom pulled her down on to the small bench against one wall. As she glued her eyes to the screen, he rained kisses on her neck and pulled her dress straps off her shoulders to suck her nipples sticking through the open ended bra. One of his hands snaked under her dress to play with her pussy, finger fucking her through the open crotch panties. Despite the passions he was stirring in her, Julie could not help to look around the small booth. She noticed a hole in the opposite wall and inquired what it was for. Tom called it a glory hole and explained men put their dick through it for women and other men to suck. Julie was amazed. Tom told her sometimes anonymous sex can be thrilling. He asked if she wanted to try it. She agreed.

    Tom left her and went into the booth next door. Julie watched as his cock slid through the hole. She asked what to do next, and her uncle called out from the adjoining booth for her to suck it. She bent over and started sucking the disembodied cock. She felt dirty and excited at the same time. She could hear her uncle’s voice telling her this way she could imagine it was any one in the world on the other side. She had to agree he was right as she concentrated on sucking this cock. Images of different men formed in her head, even her own father could be on the other side. She didn’t know why but the image of her naked father feeding his cock through the hole was exceedingly exciting. She was then aware of the door to the booth opening and her uncle’s voice telling her to just keep sucking. Without removing her mouth from the cock, she looked up at her uncle standing beside her. She knew then that this had to be Bobby’s cock. Her uncle got behind her and pulled her skirt up over her ass. Dropping his pants, he rubbed his cock against her moist pussy and slid it in. Now she was full on both ends, a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. Tom called for Bobby to come join them. The cock slipped back through the hole as a naked Bobby came over to the booth. Tom sat down on the bench with Julie impaled on his cock. Bobby walked up and slapped her across the face with his slimy cock. She opened her mouth and sunk to its base. Bobby grabbed her still exposed tits and pulled and tweaked them. Meanwhile, Tom reached around her bouncing ass and thumbed her quivering clit. She moaned as Bobby flooded her mouth with his cum. Spent, he pulled back to lean against the wall and watch her finish riding out her uncle. Tom grabbed her waist and pulled her hard into his lap as more cum spilled out of his balls to coat her womb. When she stood up; drops of cum dribbled onto the floor. She bent over and kissed Tom with her lips smeared with Bobby’s cum. Tom hungrily sucked every trace she offered. Then he pushed her head down to his lap and had her suck her juices and his cum off his dick until it was clean. When she finished, she stood up. Bobby had already left the booth. They got dressed and came out of the booth to claim their purchase. On an impulse, Julie leaned over and kissed Bobby as she rubbed his crotch. Bobby chuckled and told Tom to forget the vibrator, this lady was the keeper.

    Outside in the car, Julie curled up against her uncle for the drive home. Tom smiled, she was ready. It seemed she would do anything he asked of her. As she drifted off to sleep, she heard Tom remind her to remember it is all a “family secret”. When they got home, Tom carried the sleeping beauty into the house and laid her on the couch to sleep. He sat in the chair opposite her and drifted off to sleep himself while admiring her.