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    عبايات – ABAYAS

    عبايات are traditional clothes worn by Saudi Arabian women and in the Arab world. Abaya styles are various, but they generally have long, loose-fitting outer garments. In many styles, a band of cloth is wrapped around the head and shoulders, and another around the waist.

    Although the abaya is an example of conservative clothing IN SAUDI ARABIA, it needs not be dull and boring. Each abaya has its own character, appearance and charm. The garment has matured greatly over the years becoming more an expression of one’s sense of style. The industry for abaya fashions has changed immensely to cope with demand and personal style. Couture abaya designs too are available as many designers now show case their designs at fashion shows in different parts of the world. The fusion between middle eastern designs and western dresses is more alive than ever before. Abaya in Saudi have now positioned itself as an industry in its own right.

    Most of the traditional abayas were a one-size-fits-all. Modern abayas have moved from shapeless silhouettes to better fits. They are like modest عباية and stylish kaftans dresses that are more fitted at the higher and lower waist. Some abayas are designed with belts so one can choose to tighten as they please. Simple abayas have an A-line cut while others are fully flared at the bottom. Couture abayas are stitched to stylish dress cuts, and some are made of heavy silk and is often decorated with gold, silver, or brass embroidery.

    Contemporary abayas are made of lighter, breathable and more luxurious fabrics such as chiffon, crepe and Georgette. Silk and chiffon stand out for their opulent feel and texture. Abayas are made to suit the season, lighter ones for summer and cloak like عباية شتوي feel for winters. Layering of fabrics is also another popular feature when it comes to modern abaya designs. Stiff and solid fabrics are topped with sheer fabrics such as lace and net. You can choose one that offers the highest level of comfort.

    Abayas and T-SHIRT

    A strong wardrobe is an investment! ملابس have a large variety of styles and colors of dresses, abayas and more. Set a budget and buy a large selection of عبايات that are available in styles such as long, midi and maxi. We also have the latest styles to dress for occasions or office wear.

    Desert Port online shopping is متجر عبايه a fun and easy way to buy عباية, modern abayas and even T-SHIRT with different design for abaya, عبايات ملون, and fabric, عباية ديتيلز and عباية راس.

    Our shop also has information about abaya styles and color schemes, making it a great resource for those who are just starting to buy abayas for the first time and for those who wants to search for abaya in Dubai and Saudi Arabia

    Understand Industry Fashion Language

    Edit Wardrobe Regularly.

    Every season you should edit your wardrobe. Be sure you have all of the essentials and be sure they’re in good condition to power through a new season. Put some thought into your shopping process and spend time building your look. The worst thing you can do is shop impulsively or do last minute shopping. I myself have been guilty of the last-minute shopping whereby I would need a particular staple item and either do not have it on hand or the one I have is no longer wholesome. So I head out to the store and grab the first one I find. Shopping like this is a surefire way to waste money.

    When editing or rebuilding your wardrobe, buy abayas that you can reuse and restyle into a number of outfits for your lifestyle. Near the end of every season do a wardrobe edit and make a list of things you need to buy or need to get rid of. When you create that shopping list you can spend time browsing online shopping for what you want without over spending.