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    Finance is a broad term used in business to refer to various things about the production, management, and planning of funds and investments. The scope of finance can be broadly divided into two areas, retail and business finance. Retail finance refers to all those areas where you physically buy goods, such as groceries, clothes, etc. Business finance, on the other hand, refers to those areas where you as the manager make financial decisions, such as making investments or purchasing shares. For example, if you are in the business sector, you would need to study finance to get financing for starting your own business.

    Finance has many sub-specialties. Management is one such sub-specialty, as it involves the supervision and control of junior and senior managers. Some examples of managerial finance include asset management, financial risk management, cash flow management, and customer management. Senior managers also need to learn about bank financing and working with banks.

    Another area of finance is in accounting. Accounting firms are needed by businesses to manage their financial records, budgets, and costs. A number of small accounting firms operate as freelancers or independent contractors for large corporations. While the vast majority of corporate accountants are salaried employees, some accountants make their own specialty areas of finance. Typically these specialized finance specialists are highly educated professionals who have additional advanced training from their previous careers in accounting or similar fields.

    Public financial firms and private firms will hire accounting graduates to work on their finance assignments. In most cases you may find graduate students employed by these firms full time after graduation. These interns or recent college graduates will often work as associate professionals under experienced accountants. This will help them to gain more knowledge and experience working with larger firms and will give them an opportunity to build up a name for themselves within the finance industry.

    For many years it was only banks that had access to wholesale funding. Now almost all of the major banks and credit markets have come online. The main exception is that a few prominent names remain exclusive to wholesalers and brokers. One example is Wachovia. Most other banks offer brokered deposits, business cash advances, business loans, merchant cash advances, commercial loans, mortgages, home equity loans, vehicle purchases and many other lines of credit. As well, many finance firms now provide credit card processing capabilities and a variety of other services to businesses.

    There are also several international finance firms that have grown rapidly over the last two decades. One of the most successful of these firms is the International Finance Corporation (IFC). IFC works with hundreds of countries around the world providing a diverse range of financial products including commercial loans, investment funds, venture capital, and international trade financing. IFC is one of the largest franchises in the United States with locations in nineteen states plus the District of Columbia. In addition, it has operations in Canada, South Africa, Japan, and throughout South America.

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