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  • Herman Husted posted an update 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Since the very beginning, I’d like to make clear that we are an outdoor and camping outdoor family. We are as involved as possible bonding with nature. We have cats, dogs and bring them along. We’re a happy camping family. However, we are always aware of how and where we arrived here. Plus we know where to find water. We won’t give up our little vices. We insist on having an electric generator with an 32″ screen and a decent however not too big, 32″ TV.. Many people think that we’re nomads who live in remote locations. But, our father is employed in a highly profitable job as an attorney at a dark company. Mother states that’s why he likes to go camping four times a months – trying to not be an burden to his job..

    We have hours of fun at the campfire. We talk, sing and enjoy games around the fire while our pets, who are incredibly independent, live their lives within the area. The funny thing is that they always come back to us for the going home part. Joiner is a hunter/helper dog and is able to locate our pets quickly after we return. They’re not losing weight, and they love it there.

    Although we enjoy our phones and tablets at the campfires, it’s not something we dislike. We are awestruck by technology and don’t mind if they are lost, even when on camping excursions. Although our father isn’t concerned, he turns off his mobile throughout the weekend. He claims it helps him relax. After a tiring day of fishing and hunting and fishing, we enjoy an enormous woods meal. We then sit down to watch the TV, videos, and other shows that were downloaded prior to our excursion. y mp4 It is not possible to have Internet access while in the woods all the time. Our parents may not mind us on the phone, but we will eventually go through and delete all of our emails. We also don’t have any games. The majority of us download videos before leaving for trips using Youtube clip converters, or other video downloader sites. HULU has a great selection of downloading options. It lets us download and save hours of videos to our laptops and computers prior to the journey. The series and videos are not just great for making camping trips more enjoyable, they are excellent for getting there. Three hour trips in a campervan often be boring. My dad is a fan of this kind of time. He is focused on the road. The enormous machine is also difficult to control so he has no choice to be adamant about it.

    We’ll continue to use GPS for our camping trips. It’s crucial to be able to pinpoint where you are and to find an alternative route back to civilization in case of emergency. While we’ve not experienced any serious incidents on our travels so yet, we’ve heard of stories about snow avalanches and dirt that can sometimes ruin people’s holidays. GPS always shows where to go to safety, as long as you know where safety can be located. Space-based satellites that are friendly will send GPS the right way. Another technology can be utilized to safely transport us from and to the camping site. A helicopter could be sent to your location , by zooming into it in the event of an emergency. GPS is a must for any trip that requires a remote location. Don’t overlook the technology that will save your safety.