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  • Bright Stroud posted an update 6 months ago

    The Digital News Initiative, formerly known as the European Journalism Project, is a European organization established by Google to “promote high-quality independent journalism through innovation and technology.” It covers an “Innovative Research Fund” worth billions of Euros, that in next coming years issued grants to 4 61 projects in news organizations across Europe. Among the many innovative initiatives of the Digital News Initiative are:

    This initiative has played a crucial role in developing new business models for online publishers. Among the most notable beneficiaries are the Financial Times Group, L’Art Francais, De Correspondent, L’Espresso, and the Baltic Post. It is hoped that these companies will take up a number of the new services being offered by the digital news initiative. Some other well known European online news websites that have been benefitted by the DNI include: La heliotrope, Te le Conseil, Le Monde journalistique, L’Espresso, and Die Welt.

    The European digital news initiative has made notable contributions in several fields, notably in the arena of innovation and media. Leading Agency from across Europe have come together under the European Journalism Centre, to create a platform for innovation in European journalism. The core value of the project is to foster development of new digital technologies that can be applied in the context of real-time journalism. One can say that the impact of the European Journalism Centre goes far beyond the innovation side, as it also helps to train up journalists, develop media standards, and increase media diversity.

    Another innovation program from the European Journalism Centre is the founding of the first ever “Social Media Working Group”, which brings together social media experts from all around the globe. Agency working group will foster closer interaction among media entrepreneurs, as they strive to enhance digital news and give shape to innovative solutions. The steering group of the working group is made up of members from Google, Facebook, Twitter, The Guardian, CNBC, The Telegraph, Yahoo! UK, and BBC Digital. The working group is expected to report on its findings at its first meeting in September.

    Another significant innovation effort of the European Journalism Centre is its contribution to a new media innovation challenge. The challenge focuses on creating new forms of consumer platforms that can drive social and digital change. The centre is taking on the lead in the push towards open innovation. The aim of the 2021 edition of the challenge is to foster greater participation of social media users across the EU. This year’s edition will be an open call for submissions.

    In its mission to promote social and digital innovation, the European Journalism Centre has forged partnerships with leading business interests. These partnerships have helped to shape the direction of the media and Internet businesses. For instance, it signed a deal with the French company La Croisette pour l’emploi, one of the country’s largest newspapers, which plans to expand its print publication to more than 30 cities. Agency plans to launch its first podcast, a web-only radio station.

    The European Journalism Centre has also signed agreements with the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Council, and the European Network for Digital Journalism (NDAJ). The EIB will provide financial support for up and coming start-ups in the European publishing industry, while the European Council and NDAJ will help shape the way upcoming trends in the industry are handled. The European Network for Digital Journalism will take charge of running the steering committee for the magazine, while the European Investment Bank will fund the monthly magazine. The NDAJ is responsible for managing the funding for the Working Group, which brings together journalists from different news agencies and publications.

    Another initiative that the European Journalism Centre is taking on is expanding its focus from journalism to non-press media. The European Journalism Initiative for Press and Internet Journalism (EJIIM) will launch a new platform for journalists covering the IT and digital industries. This will be a multi-country initiative, working in twenty countries over the next three years. Joining forces with other like-minded organizations and businesses, the EJIIM will also expand its activities in the academic community. There is no specific target date for when the project will be launched, but earlier than three years, it will make great strides towards helping publishers and business interests in Europe realize the full potentials of the rapidly growing digital media industry.