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Save Your Kingdom!  Throne Rush: An Overview

Throne Rush is actually the replacement game for League of Warriors.  It is quite the same idea, with subtle nuances.  League of Warriors was much liked by followers, over a hundred thousand.  Once it was replaced with Throne Rush, which can be played on Facebook or your mobile device, within a month, Throne Rush had over one million followers!  With a wider scope of features and the free availability, players who enjoy role playing strategy games, loved it immediately.

What Type of Game is Throne Rush Exactly?

Throne Rush is considered a real time strategy game.  The player builds up a kingdom and does his/her best to protect it, all while trying to destroy their opponent’s kingdom.  The more a player goes on the offense and defeats his/her opponent’s defense the more rewards such as; gems and other resources to help as the game progresses are earned.  The game also has Player vs. Player options where you can team up with or go to war with another player. Same with adventure mode.  This is pretty neat because you can be playing Throne Rush with someone on the other side of the planet.


Basically you build up a kingdom, complete with a castle, walls, residents etc. Your character, the Hero, is the only player you have any personal control over, as the other pawns in the game have an automated knowledge of what they are supposed to do.  As time progresses, you raise up an army of magical creatures to fight off any attacks.  There are many resources you can pick up or purchase throughout the game.  These resources will help you with acquiring spells and other items to strengthen your army in order to “Cleanse the Land of Evil.”  The strategy part really comes in on setting up the best defense you possibly can while making sure your offense is strong, as well.  This takes strategic planning and placement. The goal is to destroy your opponent’s kingdom before they destroy yours.

Play Throne Rush Online

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How Much Does It Cost

To play Throne Rush on Facebook or your mobile device it is absolutely free.  However, like many of the games on Facebook or from an app store, once you begin to play, you realize that in order to continuously pay, the company has monetized the games.  For instance, in Throne Rush, you can play for free.  However, if you need more gems to get what resources you may be lacking to defeat your opponent, a message will appear asking you how many gems you would like to purchase, in real money.  This type of monetization of games is a big turn off for some people. Hardcore gamers with a lot of patience can still get in plenty of free play time.

Throne Rush can be exciting and fun!  Especially in player vs. player mode.  Getting great reviews and with over a million players, Throne Rush is definitely worth a try.  As mentioned before, if one has lots of patience you can still get plenty of free play time out of it.  So, if you have ever played real time strategy games and enjoyed them, Throne Rush comes highly recommended for players like you!

Play Throne Rush Online

To play this game online you only need a Facebook account.

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