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Unleash Your Inner Zombie Killer With Dead Trigger 2

Hitting the scene as a free-to-play zombie hunting game Dead Trigger 2 is guaranteed to be the next game you will get addicted to. The story is your typical run-of-the mill zombie apocalypse where legions of the undead have taken over and you and other surviving members of society have been left to fight the hordes. Spend your days completing missions while killing zombies and in campaign mode you will be traveling from continent to continent trying to rebuild and save humanity.


What Are the Zombies Like?

There are two types of zombies, standard and special. Standard zombies walk slowly but they can grab melee weapons and attack you. Sometimes they even sprint.   Special zombies are harder to kill but they drop items like blueprints, health or stacks of money. You are given a limited amount of health that is refreshed at the beginning of every mission but, can be lost by getting hit by zombies or an environmental hazard like radiation.


What about the Weapons?

The best thing about this game is that in addition to carrying two primary weapons you can also carry a melee weapon and up to three consumable items. Consumable items include grenades, health pills, exploding chickens, and more. Unlock weapon upgrades and items by performing different actions like decapitating a zombie or getting a headshot. The weapon arsenal consists of a wide range of weapons like a machete, shotgun, crowbar, machine guns and more. With a respectable number of weapons it surprises me that this game is free.



When you first start playing Dead Trigger 2 you will start off in auto-campaign mode. This means that as soon as a zombie gets within range of your weapon it will automatically discharge.  The bad thing about this is that you could use up your bullets a lot faster than if you were to pull the trigger manually. It’s pretty easy to switch your settings so that you can be in control. You can be finished and done with the storyline within a couple of days if you play a few hours a day but you can stay occupied for way longer trying to unlock new weapons and items.

Play Play Dead Trigger 2

Play Trigger 2 on Facebook

To play the this game on FB just like us to see the direc link. You don’t need to install nothing. Thanks


Play Trigger 2 on iPad / Android tabs

Play Trigger 2 on Facebook

To play the page on PC (Windows or Mac) just download the full apk of the game and run Android Emulator.