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Get Addicted To Facebook All Over Again With Crystal Island – Play Crystal Island Online

Get lost in a world of crystals as you play one of the newest match 3 games by Quiblix. Crystal Island crash-lands you on an uncharted island in search of the Tears of Poseidon, legendary jewels rumored to grant inconceivable power to their wielder. Explore the island using your skills to unlock gem secrets while following a storyline of twists and turns that all circle around the myth of these mysterious and powerful jewels. With over 500,000 players and likes on Facebook, it’s easy to see that Crystal Island fever is starting to spread.

Play Crystal Island Online

Crystal Island – Love It or Leave It: Your Mission

Your goal is to match up at least three of the same colored crystals and catch the amulets. Each level has a limited number of moves and you must get amulets and relics to the bottom of the game before you run out or you will lose one of your five lives. To complete a level you have to complete the amulet which has been split into smaller pieces. The addition of collecting magical amulets makes a nice upgrade to the standard gem game where such items aren’t available.

Each level consists of three stars and how many you get depends on the number of points you received in that level. If you’re really serious about obtaining the best score possible, you can replay levels to increase your score and/or earn more stars. You can even create special crystals by matching certain combos.

Crystal Island

Say Hello To Your New Friend: Power-ups and Boosts

If you create a match of four or more gems, or a set of gems in a “T” or “L” shape then it will trigger a power-up. Power-ups, also known as boosts, can clear entire columns or rows of gems. Four in a row creates a star bomb, add two more of the same color and it will blow up all the gems in a square around it. Make an L shape with matching colors and that will give you a fire jewel that can blow up a vertical or horizontal line. You can also make a rainbow cube by matching 5 in a row and that will blow up all the gems of the same color.

That’s not even the best part. On top of being able to get power-ups you will have Albert the monkey on your side. When you create a special gem it will give him a charge. When he is fully charged he will throw cubes at the board removing up to 10 gems. This feature is made even more engaging by the smooth graphics and beautiful design crafted by the graphic artists at Quiblix.

You can also find special items for your camp as you travel. They are also usually given every couple of levels or through achievements by completing the camp and other tasks. Boosters can be purchased before and during each level. They can only be purchased with coins, which you can earn for free or buy.  When you start the game you have 55 coins to spend and you will earn 1 coin for every 10 minutes that you play.

Overall Crystal Island is an entertaining and engaging game that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

Play Crystal Island Online

To play the game just follow instructions bellow to have access to the direct link to the game.

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