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2048: An Addicting Game of Numerical Fun

2048—a random number, it seems. But the exact objective of this game is to manage to somehow achieve this as a number on a tile or even a score. It all depends on how you look at it. At first, the game appears to be simple and easy to coordinate as to where each number should go. In order to get this score, you must use the arrow keys ↑up↓down←left→right to move one number onto another, essentially combining them to form even larger numbers. The larger the number that you are able to achieve, the easier it is to reach 2048. It’s like the Wall Street Journal says—“candy crush for math geeks.”

A Game of Fun and Education: Unintentionally Math

Aside from trying to reach the magical number of 2,048, the game poses as a sort of puzzle relative to that of a Rubik’s cube. One must attempt to move each tile that matches the same number to ensure that the board doesn’t get filled. Maintaining the ability to move tiles around is crucial in merging enough tiles to get a higher score. There are many ways to play this game and techniques that different people user.

  • Focusing on one tile set—essentially getting a higher score or somehow getting a tile to read as 2048. This is hard to do as many tiles are changing around you, but some may see this as an easier method.
  • Another method is combining multiple tiles to trigger a higher score, with little to no effort involved. There is less of a chance, though, of obtaining the 2048 that the game yearns for.
  • Leave a row of numbers on the inside, or keep a row on the outside. By focusing on one row, you can more easily combine numbers in a up, down and left, right rhythm. If you like combos, I suggest keeping 2 rows open and 2 rows occupied.

An Easier Way to Go About the Game

It seems that you can just keep on going and going and going. Perhaps the easiest way to reach tile 2048, is to consider the calculations it would take to get there: 2+2=4, 4+4=8, 8+8=16, 16+16=32, 32+32=64, 64+64=128, 128+128=256, 256+256=512, 512+512=1024 and lastly 1024+1024=2048. These 10 calculations are what is needed to succeed at the game, however, after each movement, a new 2 tile is added, making it harder and harder to accomplish.


Don’t Wait to Play 2048!

This game was created by a 19-year-old web developer known as Gabriele Cirulli. If it were to be categorized, you could say that it is under a sliding block puzzle. It’s fun to play with friends and see who gets to 2,048 or at least…whoever fails first. It can be played on Facebook or added on your iOS and Android for free. Flappy bird falls second to this witty and mind boggling game!

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